Try S-video to RCA Cable Connectors

by:APTEK     2020-06-10
S-video is commonly known as Y/C or Separate video. It transmits continuous and non digital signals through two separate channels; one is luminance and other is chrominance. Luminance is gray scale signal for brightness known as 'Y' while chrominance is a color information signal known as 'C'. S-video cable do not carries the audio signals, it only transfers the video signals through two separate channels. The standard video is normally of 480i to 567i resolution. RCA cables means Radio Corporation of America, it was introduced in 1940 to attach phonograph to amplifiers. Generally known as phono connector with three separate channels, it is electronic connector to connect the television and video & audio devices to each other transmitting the video and audio signals. Normally, these cables have a plug of male connector on its end which is encircled by a sort of ring and are found in three codes of color i.e. red, white and yellow. Red and white connectors are for right & left channels for audio and the yellow connector that carries composite video. Composite video conveys the higher quality picture than S-video cables. Many S-video to RCA cable connectors are available in the market. These connectors are used to connect devices having different supported format of connectivity. Some of the S-video to RCA cable connectors are s-video with 3 RCA 6ft, s-video with 2 RCA 12ft, special s-video with 3 pin and some of them such as pro s-video to 3 RCA and pro 7 pin s-video to 3 RCA are available in 6ft, 12ft and 24 ft in the market. Not every electronic device supports the same format of input and output jacks. S-video is a cable which provides the signal of video through two different channels firstly 'Y', a grey scale image and lastly 'C', color information. One of these cables has four plugs with color code at its end such as black, yellow, red and white. Black and yellow plugs has the ground of 'Y' and 'C' of RCA while red and white carrying the signals of 'Y' meaning intensity & 'C' meaning color (carries signal from 470pF Ceramic Capacitor) of s-video. With the changing time, new developed devices are equipped with separate jack format such as some devices are consists of s-video jack and other supports RCA jack. In order to overcome this difficulty, s-video to RCA cable connector are introduced in the market. The picture quality of S-video to RCA cable connector also varies on the standards. The yellow connector of the RCA cable carries the composite video signals. S-video is a two channel cable to transmit the signals of grey scale picture and color picture through different channels. To get the composite video quality these S-video to RCA cable connectors can be used. Thus, it can be said that these cable connectors are used to connect different devices having different input/out jacks. It also helps the S-video supporting device to get the signal of composite video through the RCA cable.
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