Types of connector products

by:APTEK     2020-03-17
< p > type connector products division although some confusion, but technically, connector product category there are only two basic way: < / p > < p > (1) according to the structure shape: round and rectangular ( Cross section) ; < / p > < p > (2) according to the working frequency, low frequency and high frequency ( By a 3 MHZ) 。 < / p > < p > according to the above division, belongs to circular coaxial connectors, printed circuit connector belonging to the rectangular ( Historically, printed circuit connector is separated from the rectangular connectors in the singular) , and the current popular rectangular connectors its cross section is trapezoidal, similar to the rectangle. Based on the bounded 3 MHZ with low frequency and high frequency radio frequency division is the basic consistent. As for other USES, installation method, special structure and special properties can also be divided into many different types, and often appeared in the publication and the manufacturer's literature, but usually only in order to highlight the characteristics and purposes, a basic principle of classification is still not beyond the division of the above. < / p > < p > considering connector technology development and the actual situation, from its versatility and related technical standards, the connector can be divided into the following categories ( Category) : (1) low frequency circular connector; (2) rectangular connectors; (3) printed circuit connector; (4) rf connector; (5) optical fiber connector. < / p >
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