Types of USB Cables

by:APTEK     2020-06-23
Types and Uses of USB Cables Universal Serial Bus is popularly known by its abbreviation-USB. Universal Serial Bus is not merely a cable, but also comes in the form of devices (for example, flash drives and 3G). USB cables and / or devices connect to something called a USB port on your PC. One of the benefits of Universal Serial Bus is that you can connect up to 127 devices in a single USB port, all thanks to USB hubs. Another benefit is the high data transfer rate, but that depends on the version of Universal Serial Bus supported by your system and peripherals (devices). Yes, USB have versions. There are USB 1, 2 and 3 with maximum speed (or data transfer-rate) of 12Mbps, 480Mbps and 5Gbps respectively. Now that we know a little history about USBs, let's see how we can use and hopefully, benefit from USB cables. Type A USB Cable Type A USB cable is referred to as the 'standard cable', as it is most common. The connector of this type of Universal Serial Bus cable is flat and wider compared to others and has a rectangular shape. The type A Universal Serial Bus cable can help you connect your monitor, mouse, and keyboard to the computer. Type B USB Cable Type B Universal Serial Bus cable connector is not as wide and flat as Type A and is almost square-shaped. These are normally used with devices that use removable cables rather than permanent connected cables (e .g. your mouse has a permanently connected cable). Type B is commonly used with external hard drive enclosures and some printers and scanners. Such cables are usually in the form of an adapter cable. Mini USB Cable Mini Universal Serial Bus cable connectors are much smaller as compared to type A and type B connectors. They are commonly found on mobile devices such as PDAs and cell phones to provide battery charging power and the benefit of connecting your cell to PC. They can also be found on external computer hard drives. Mini USB cables come in two types, namely Mini-A and Mini-B. Micro USB Cable Micro Universal Serial Bus cable connectors are the smallest in the Universal Serial Bus group. Just like mini USB cables, they are also used with cell phones and are most common in digital cameras. They are beneficial because they allow a mobile device to take advantage of high-speed data transfer. They are also available in two types: Micro-A and Micro-B, the latter being more common. Receptacle You may also come across a Universal Serial Bus cable called receptacle. This kind of cable has a female connector at one end, hence the name 'receptacle'. They are normally used to extend the length of 'normal' Universal Serial Bus cables.
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